Helping you reach a wider audience and getting you closer to your goal

Naomi Roulston

Professional perfectionist and lifelong learner with a love of languages

Whether it be helping you communicate with a wider and international audience, making your application process that little bit smoother or putting your project manager at ease knowing they can present their own client with a high-quality translation, you need a professional, formally-trained and experienced translator.

Why choose me

Professional and formally-trained:

Naomi Roulston is a member of the Japan Association of Translators

AUSIT logo_blue_wide

Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT)


Japan Kinoko Meister Association certification number B-0734

Committed to:

Improving language skills.
Avid reader in both English and Japanese, reading anything and everything.
Continuing professional development.
Not only necessary to maintain my NAATI certification, but also to feed my insatiable curiosity.
Client confidentiality and trust.
As a professional translator, I am bound by the industry code of ethics and treat all information and documents provided with the upmost confidentiality regardless of whether I am chosen to work on a project or not.
Keeping abreast of what is happening in the world, the translation industry and in my working fields.
Spending time in both Australia and Japan to stay in touch with both cultures.

During our project together I will:

About me

I first fell in love with the Japanese language in early high school. The three writing systems were both fascinating and scary, immediately igniting a drive to take on the challenge of conquering the infinite number of kanji used in the language (something that continues to this day).
This love of Japanese has seen me make a career out of it. Being a translator is the one profession where I am constantly engaged, constantly learning and constantly using my creativity. I get a real buzz when I hand over a translation to a client, knowing I’ve done the absolute best I can do.
When I am not at my desk, I can be found in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, off on a run, doing yoga, exploring the mountains, travelling or simply curled up with my Kindle.

What I’m doing now